Are you Aware you can do Lead-to-Revenue on Salesforce Revenue Cloud?


Get what you need to resolve your Revenue Cloud clients’ or prospects’ obstacles or objections.

Join this webinar and learn how your prospects can get access to Standav’s lead-to-revenue expertise and an automated revenue recognition solution that is native to Salesforce Environment. Help your prospects streamline their Revenue Accounting Processes and enable them to manage Sales, Revenue, and Reporting without ever leaving Salesforce.

We enable Salesforce to be your prospect’s Single-Source-of-Truth for Lead-To-Revenue with automated revenue recognition. With Standav’s Optimization and RightRev’s Revenue Subledger, we are your go-to partners to help your prospects protect their margins, accelerate growth, and improve accuracy while adhering to ASC 606 and IFRS 15 compliance.


Take a Deep-Dive to Discuss

How to prioritize your prospects’ Lead-to-Revenue optimization process

How to show your prospects to preserve their margins by Automating Revenue Recognition process

How your prospects can see the ROI on Lead-to-Revenue technology investments

How your prospects can Hyper-scale for unlimited growth potential

How your prospects can Use Salesforce to be their Single-Source-of-Truth for Quote-To-Revenue


Jagan Reddy

Founder & CEO

Why do you need an Effective Revenue Recognition System?

Help business understand where they stand financially

Help their Sales Reps estimate revenue when prioritizing leads and opportunities

Ensure that their revenue is ASC 606 and IFRS 15 compliant

Critical to their company’s financial planning

Influence their product strategy, sales commissions, compensation structures & more

Easily sort and analyze revenue by specific criteria

Speakers’ Bio

Jagan Reddy

Jagan Reddy is the Founder & CEO of RightRev. Prior to this, Jagan co-founded Leeyo(RevPro) in 2009 which was later acquired by Zuora. He joined Zuora in May 2017 following the company's acquisition, where he was responsible for RevPro’s overall corporate leadership and product development. He has decades of experience in the world of Enterprise Sales Systems.

Al Ramirez

Al Ramirez is the Sr Sales Consultant and Adviser at Standav for Salesforce practice. Al is responsible for developing new business opportunities and relationships with Salesforce to create customized solutions to customer needs. Al has spent over 24 years of his career in various capacities in the technology arena. In the last 12 years, he has been focused on application implementations around the Salesforce platform and Salesforce Revenue Cloud.

Our Clients


Farjad Yousaf

Michael Oleszkiewicz

Account Executive at Salesforce

Account Executive at Salesforce

"Standav has been a great implementation partner to work with for Salesforce CPQ & Billing projects. Their consultants are extremely skilled and have a thorough knowledge of the Quote to Cash and Billing Frameworks."

"The expertise and knowledge that team Standav brings to the table are commendable. They’re very focused and dedicated."

Standav is a leader in transforming Enterprise Sales Systems that enables enterprises to Reimagine their Revenue Cloud experience with CPQ, Billing, B2B Commerce, Revenue Recognition, Pricing & Partner Management solutions. As leaders in Revenue Cloud, Price Management, and Enterprise Sales Transformation, Standav delivers real-world business solutions that help enterprises simplify their customer’s buying journey and manage complex sales processes.

RightRev is committed to providing the most seamless and integrated revenue recognition solutions for modern businesses. From contract changes to subscription renewals, RightRev’s trusted platform tracks the entirety of revenue contracts, from quote, order, invoice, all the way to revenue recognition and management reporting.

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